ll find the advertising resources that help me build large downlines in all programs that I join. These sites and resources have been tracked and tested by me over the years and they are the best of the best!

Advertising Sites

On this page you will find our top rated advertising sites. All have been tested and bring us the best response of any other sites on the market.

One tip on email advertising on the various ad sites. Only use sites that send your ads to the contact email address of it’s members. In almost all cases, I would suggest not using safelists. The only exception is a Safelist that offers contact solo ads to their members contact email address.

Definitely do not use any program that has the word blaster or auto submit. These services are ripping you off! They either go to outdated, non existent email addresses or a junk email address. I have tested them all and they plain do not work.

The best source of responsive advertising sites that will get you results are list mailers, contact solo ads and ad exchanges.

Below are my top rated advertising sites that help me to build large downlines in all the programs I promote. They have been tested and with the proper ad copy will bring you excellent results.


Profitable Email Marketing

Click Five Links, Gain A Mailer!

If you have a few dollars in your advertising budget to really jump start your business, I highly recommend these services. They cost a little more but very, very economical for the response you will receive from your promotions.




Majon International Internet Marketing




PIF43 - Member count 12500 ***

AdzOnFire - Member count 8600 ***

EarningInProgress - Member count 5600 ***

SoloAdProfits - Member count 2420 ***

HomePageSolos - Member count 1920 ***

CUT.vg - Member count 2100 ***

Ad-Mins - Member count 3300 ***

9Levels - Member count 2400 ***

IEarnToday - Member count 3100 ***

StateOfTheAds - Member count 1550 ***

TextAdsFactory - Member count 580 ***

MaxAdsPro - Member count 410 ***

adsbetweenthesheets - Member count 420 ***

Text Ad Matrix.com - Member count 859 ***

Vital Advertising - Member count 1890 ****

Success Fuel Traffic.com - Member count 1890 ****

Ultimate Adz - Member count 869 ***

Ultra Text Ads Site - Member count 1089 ***

SoloBoss - Member count 156

Newbies - Member count 490

Simba Text Ads - Member count 129

Maarnio - Member count 323

E Traffic - Member count 509

My Free Safe List - Member Count 6177 ****

My Daily List Builder - Member Count 4192 ****

Ads 2 Infinity - Member count 3636 ****

Dragons Gold Ads - Member count 673 ***

Beat The Recession Ads - Member count 311 ***

Power Traffic Ads - Member count 366***



Advertising Connection TE 4 U


Advertising Connection TE 4 U


4x4 Hits.com

Hit Lion

I Love Hits

Fast Easy Traffic

Traffic Bunnies

Dragon Surf

Traffic Era

Traffic Splash

Webcentre Surf

Surf To Earn

Row Bux


Hot Spot Mailer

Business World List - Member count - 98000+

Safe Mail Services - 2.3m


10 Million Hits

Excalibur Safelist


Webs Best Resources - Monster list with free promocodes, a really good place to start.

Xchange Xclusives - Huge list, but costs 15.97 to join. Extra promo codes, worth it to find the top exchanges and bonuses.

Top 50 Places To Advertise Your Website For Under $25

I wanted to share my Top 50 places to advertise your website or sales pages.

People are always asking me where I advertise, and where they can advertise that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and a few fingers..lol, so I decided to put together this list for you.

I have personally advertised on most of these, the rest were used by close friends/biz partners that I trust.

They are all great for generating traffic to your website. Don’t let the cheap prices of some of the sites fool you, THEY ALL WORK!

I used these sites when I didn’t have a lot of money to put towards advertising, and I still use about 20 of them today just because they work.

I suggest you start by choosing 5 sites to try and use them for 2 weeks and see how they work, then choose another 5 and see how they work, until you either find the sites you really like or until you are advertising on all of them, which bring you a ridiculous amount of traffic.

Nice problem to have..right? =)

None of the website links below are affiliate links, I didn’t want to take away from any one site or have you lose an opportunity with a great site.

Top 50 Sites…

http://www.coop-hits.com -  $10.50 – 2,500 Visitors

http://www.toptiertraffic.com -  $10 – Monthly Premium Member (Subscription)

http://www.viralcoop.com – $49 – (12 months)..yes PER YEAR and it works

http://www.earneasycash.info – $10 (awesome)

http://www.gladiatorhits.com – $10 – 10,000 credits awesome manual traffic exchange

http://www.headerads.com – $10 – 10,000 credits

http://www.incentria.com – $15.50 for 5000 guaranteed visitors

http://www.adtroopers.com – $12.95 membership creates a ton of traffic

http://hits-a-million.com – $5.00 to $25.00

http://traxads.com/megasolos – $10.00 – 1 Mega Solo to 5 Text Ad Exchanges

http://yourezads.com – $20 for 1,000 views

http://cashtextads.com – $8.00 for 2,606 members that must view your website

http://www.leadsleap.com – Free or you can get great traffic for $27/month

http://lords-of-traffic.com – $8  1 Day Start page (means your website will show first)

http://www.myfreeadboard.com – FREE – Upgrade to PRO for only $14.95

http://target-safelist.com – $8.95 – Contact Solo Ad to all members

http://www.trafficpython.com – $25 – 100,000 link credits per month

http://www.newage-mkt.com – $5.97 Awesome..this baby rocks

http://the-traffic-secret.com – This baby here is FREE and it works

http://www.deepseahits.com – FREE Awesome manual traffic exchange

http://www.national-leads.com – prices vary but  the traffic is insane

http://www.subscribeme.net – prices vary..good place to get great hits

http://www.trafficspan.com – $27.60 – 10,000 Visitors

http://www.1stopclassifieds.net – $14 – Advanced Membership

http://www.e-mailpaysu.com – prices vary awesome traffic

http://www.extremetargettraffic.com – $19.95 – 7,000 Visitors

http://www.myguaranteedvisitors.com – $70 – 4000 Guaranteed Visitors

http://www.gotsafelist.com – $27.97  – 5 Day Desktop Text Ad

http://www.moneymakingmommy.com – $29.00 – Top Sponsor Ad

http://www.mlmleadgenie.com – prices vary but they are awesome

http://www.soloadcoop.com – prices vary and they are great

http://www.activesafelist.com – Contact solo ad sent to over 2,185 members

http://www.advertcrusader.com – $34.95 for 30,000 clicks on 60 different “PayTo” sites.

http://www.trafficswarm.com – great marketing company

http://www.flyingsolos.com – excellent place for solo ads

http://www.worldwide-cash.net – $12.50 – 25,000 USA visitors

http://cashtextads.com – $21.00 great!

http://www.teblaster.com – awesome..5 stars from me!

http://www.planet-traffic.com – Now this place brings in trafficp>

http://www.rapidclassified.com – very cheap and they work

http://www.trueviewtraffic.com – one of my favorites

http://www.mywizardads.com – simply great!!

http://www.businessworldlist.com – give this baby a try

Next 5 sites are a little more then $25 but I wanted to share, since I have had good results with all 5.

http://www.bigcityadvertising.com – $50.70 – 84 full page classified ads for one year

http://www.fasteasytraffic.com – $30 – 6,000 Visitors

http://www.solo-ads.com – $35 – to 5,000 Ezine Subscribers

http://www.targetedvisitors.info – $39.95 – 10,000 Visitors

http://team4success.net – $49  this place is great for a bunch of hits

This list will continue to be updated as I try new ad sites.


FREE Classified AD Sites

http://www.classifiedsgiant.com Free and easy. Account required,
http://www.stumblehere.com/ Free, account required, max number of active ads 5, 15 day
http://www.businesslist.com/ Free classifieds, account required with email verification
http://www.bestwayclassifieds.com/ Free classifieds, account required, and clean looking site
http://www.freeclassifieds.com/ Free classifieds,
http://www.zikbay.com/ Free classifieds, account required
http://www.adpost.com/ Free classifieds, account required
http://classified4u.biz/ Free classifieds, account required
http://www.purchase.com/listings/ Text ads, free and paid
http://www.snnap.com/ Free classifieds, account required
http://www.cashconnection.com/adland.htm Free classifieds, post to 7,000 websites
http://www.buckeyeads.com/ Free classifieds, account required
http://www.the-classified-connection.com/ Free classifieds, account required
http://www.adleaf.com/ Free classifieds, account required
http://www.freeadsplanet.com/ Free classifieds, account required
http://www.global-free-classified-ads.com/business_opportunities/ Free classifieds, account required
http://www.freeadscity.com/ Free classifieds, no account required
http://www.buysellcommunity.com/ Free classifieds, account required
http://www.webclassifieds.us/ Free classifieds, account required
http://www.epage.com Free classifieds, no account required
http://www.glasyads.com/ Free classifieds, account required
http://www.beatyourprice.com/ Free classifieds, no account required
http://www.postaclassified.com/ Free classifieds, account required
http://wantedwants.com/ Free classifieds, no account required
http://www.adlandpro.com/ Free classifieds, account required,
http://www.50statesclassifieds.com/ Free classifieds, and account required
http://www.olx.com/ Fee classifieds, account required
http://www.ileeg.com/ Free classifieds, account require
http://www.salespider.com Paid Classifieds starting at $5.00 a day
http://www.zamzata.com Free classifieds with images
http://www.youtube.com Paid sponsored video ads, min budget $10.00 a day
http://www.ebayclassifieds.com Free classifieds with images, ads are served by city
http://www.ablewise.com Free classifieds with images, and premium upgrades.
http://www.myspace.com Paid text and Image ads, min budget $5.00 a day
http://www.facebook.com Paid text/image ads, min budget $10.00 a day
http://www.citynews.com Must purchase a premium ad for Business Opportunities
http://www.theadnet.com Must purchase a premium ad for Business Opportunities
http://www.isell.com Free classifieds with images, and ad upgrades. Account required
http://www.giveawayoftheday.com Daily free software downloads, plus adspace to boot!
http://www.totallyfreebies.com/addfreebie.cfm Easy freebie site, with form, requires aproval
http://www.heyitsfree.net/contact/ Must submit freebie to admin
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